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Protecting worker entitlements


The Hon Tony Burke MP
Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations
Minister for the Arts

The Albanese Labor Government is acting to protect worker entitlements, promote gender equality and improve fairness in our workplace relations system.

The Protecting Worker Entitlements Bill, introduced today, will start the work to close loopholes that hold workers back and hamper productivity in the workplace.

Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations Tony Burke said the changes would give workers security and flexibility. 

“This Government is committed to the fairer and more equitable workplace relations system Australians need, want and deserve,” Minister Burke said.

“Last year we passed the Secure Jobs, Better Pay legislation to lift wages, improve job security and close the gender pay gap.

“This year we’re focussed on closing the loopholes that some businesses use to undercut workers’ pay, security and flexibility. This Bill is the first step to do that.”

The Protecting Worker Entitlements Bill:

  • Includes a right to superannuation in the National Employment Standards to protect workers against super theft
  • Provides stronger access to flexible unpaid parental leave so families can share work and caring responsibilities 
  • Fixes unfair laws that reduce the long-service leave entitlements of casual employees in the black coal mining industry
  • Clarifies the application of Fair Work Act protections to temporary visa workers, acting on a recommendation of the Migrant Workers' Taskforce
  • Clarifies the interaction between enterprise agreements and workplace determinations

As already announced the Government will introduce further legislation in the second half of the year to deliver on our promises to close loopholes, including around the gig economy and labour hire.