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More than half a million jobs created under Labor


The Hon Tony Burke MP
Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations
Minister for the Arts

The number of Australians in work has never been higher than it is under the Albanese Labor Government.

More than half a million jobs (557,200) have been created since the Government came to office – the most for any new government on record. 

Today’s ABS Labour Force Figures, released today, show unemployment in Australia remains at historic lows of 3.7 per cent.

  • Total employment is at a record high of 14.1 million people.
  • Australia’s participation rate is at a record high of 67 per cent.
  • Youth employment is at a record high of 2.2 million people.

Importantly we’ve also seen continued strong growth in female employment and full-time employment in Australia.

Female full-time employment is at the highest level it has ever been under any Australian government. 

Female full-time employment has grown 5.3 per cent since the Albanese Labor Government came to office – up 191,000.

Female total employment has never been higher than under this Government.

This is what you get under a government that backs in secure jobs with better pay and conditions for Australian workers.

That’s what last year’s Secure Jobs, Better Pay legislation was about – raising the floor to improve working conditions and get wages moving again.

But there’s still more work to do.

This year the Government’s focus is on closing the loopholes that undercut pay and conditions for workers.

It’s why last week we introduced our Closing Loopholes Bill to Parliament.

The Bill will criminalise wage theft, set minimum standards for gig workers, fairly define casual work and close the labour hire loophole.