Release type: Media Release


Justice Iain Ross


The Hon Tony Burke MP
Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations
Minister for the Arts

The Government notes today’s notice of resignation from Justice Iain Ross as President of the Fair Work Commission with understanding and immense appreciation for his years of service.

Justice Iain Ross is man of great intellect and integrity. He’s been an outstanding President of the Fair Work Commission.

His commitment to fairness, decency and justice hasn’t wavered in his ten years on the Commission.

His open and transparent approach has been an enormous asset – working in the interests of both workers and employers.

Justice Ross has served governments on both sides of politics and he is held in high regard by all.

He’s maintained the reputation of the Commission in the eyes of the public during turbulent times, particularly the lockdown period of the pandemic.

The Fair Work Commission is an institution the Australian people rely on and trust. As President, Justice Ross has cemented that trust.

Because of his changes to the Horticulture Award – fruit pickers now receive a minimum hourly rate of pay.

He lay the groundwork which resulted in the Government’s legislation for 10 days of family and domestic violence leave.

The lowest paid in Australia were awarded a 5.2 per cent pay increase.

And only days ago, direct aged care workers were awarded a 15 per cent wage increase.

As President, Justice Ross also released a statement on the gender undervaluation in feminised industries. This will be an important document in the years to come.

As the Government looks to get wages moving again – the role of the Fair Work Commission has never been more important.

An interim President will be appointed shortly.