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Historic pay rise for Australian workers


The Hon Tony Burke MP
Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations
Minister for the Arts

The Fair Work Commission’s Annual Wage Review decision is a huge win for Australia’s low-paid workers.

The 5.75 per cent increase to awards is the biggest increase in history and will help 2.7 million workers.

A technical change the Commission has made in the base rate of the minimum wage means from the 1st of July this year; the minimum wage actually increases 8.6 per cent.  

That means a minimum wage earner in Australia will get an extra $1.85 an hour, taking their pay to $23.23 an hour.

People on low and modest wages have the least capacity to deal with rising cost of living. That’s why the Government argued for a decent pay rise for these workers, and the Government welcomes the decision from the independent Fair Work Commission.

Across the two Annual Wage Review decisions in our first year in Government, the wages of minimum wage earners have increased by nearly $3 an hour.

The Commission has made it clear that last year’s Secure Jobs, Better Pay laws have made a difference for these workers and the better pay starts going into their pockets from July 1 this year.

Last year as part of Secure Jobs, Better Pay the Government changed the law to put gender equity at the heart of the Commission’s decision making.

That’s now happening and making a difference in workers’ lives. 

The Liberals and Nationals fought against these laws every step of the way, saying they would close down Australia. That’s not how low-paid workers are feeling today.
Every Australian deserves a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. For too long, the former government asked Australians to work longer for less – we take a different approach.
We believe the best way to ensure workers can deal with cost-of-living pressures is to ensure they earn enough to provide for their loved ones and get ahead.

It’s also why we passed legislation for cheaper medicines, cheaper childcare, energy price relief and 465,000 fee-free TAFE places.
For nearly a decade wages were deliberately kept low under the Liberals and Nationals. 

The Albanese Labor Government is deliberately getting wages moving.

This Government will always support Australian workers getting a pay rise. That’s why we helped secure a pay rise for minimum wage workers last year. It’s why we supported a wage rise for aged care workers. And its why we’re supporting healthy, sustainable wages growth through our productivity-enhancing investments, including in skills and training. 

It’s also why last year the Government passed the Secure Jobs, Better Pay legislation – to improve job security and get wages moving again.

This year – following extensive consultation – we’ll legislate to close loopholes that undercut wages and conditions. 

The Government is building stronger foundations for a better future, including through our support for strong, sustainable wages growth and more secure and well-paid jobs.